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Leather is a naturally beautiful product which has distinguishing characteristics. Like any natural product, leather is not perfect. Perfect items are manmade and can be exactly duplicated, leather however cannot be exactly duplicated. Leather will have markings which distinguish each hide and should not be considered “defects”. These markings should be viewed as character or our term the “Love Story” versus “defects”. Natural markings will include insect bites, resulting in tiny scars on the hides; scratches, generally the result of barbed wire fencing; manure/urine burns; neck burns, generally the result of scratching the rails of fencing; open wound healed scars, the result of repaired tears in the hides; the brands, symbolism seared into the cattle’s hide to indicate ownership. All natural markings should be accepted and appreciated when choosing one of our leathers.


Top-Grain Leather Cowhides are thick enough to be split into two of three layers of leather. The uppermost layer, or top grain, is the most desirable. The lower layers, or splits, are used to make corrected leathers and suedes. Virtually all of the hides sold by Coast To Coast are the highest quality top grain leathers. Top grain leathers exhibit natural marking and reflect the essence of leather in its natural, unaltered and unprocessed state. Natural shade and grain variations should be expected in all top grain leathers. Leather Types- Coast To Coast leather™ selection includes, aniline leathers, finished leathers and Nu-Buk leathers. With the category of finished leathers, we include some semi-aniline leathers with a protective topcoat. Within the aniline category, we include some “pull-up” leathers a style of leather with a wax or oil-based color applied after finishing. Pure Aniline Leather These leathers come from the finest selection of hides and generally are the most expensive, pristine and least processed. Aniline dyes permeate the hide completely and add transparent color but offer no protection from fading or staining. Pure aniline leathers are a good choice if you strive for the finer things in hide and appreciate rare, natural beauty. Pure aniline appeals to the senses and offers a sensational, soft hand. Each pure aniline hide has its own natural characteristics such as color shading, scars and even brandings, making each hide unique. While pure aniline leather is buttery soft and will age beautifully, it may not be the best choice for an active family room because of its lack of stain protection. Within the category of anilines, we offer some pull up leathers. This is a style of leather that has a wax or oil based color applied after finishing. Where it is pulled, the color is lighter. It makes for a mottled, aged appearance, somewhat like a bomber jacket. Pull up leather also offer outstanding durability. Finished Leathers Finished leathers are a good choice if you expect the most out of life and demand high performance from the products you own. Finished leathers have outstanding durability and are great for energetic families or high traffic commercial areas. With finished leathers, the colorismore uniform throughout the hide and the hand may be less soft than with aniline leathers. Finished leathers account for the majority of leather sold today, and offer value pricing. Within the finished category we offer some semi-aniline leathers, top-grain leathers that offer the best of both worlds. They have the soft buttery feel and quality of pure anilines but the addition of protection and clean ability. Semi-aniline leathers have the protection of a clear sealant topcoat. As with pure anilines, you might see scars, tick bites or even branding marks, as well as color variations. Nu-Buk Leathers Nu-buk is a pure aniline, top grain leather that has been buffed for softness to produce a very fine nap. It is more beautiful, durable and much softer than suede. Shade, grain and color variations should be expected throughout the hide. Nu-buk is a good choice if you want to make a fashion statement and enjoy luxurious textures with a sensuous appearance. These leathers are dyed with transparent dyes, but the surface grain is machined with fine brushes to create the texture and famous Nubuk effect. It is almost like having a velvet leather. This gives the leather color depth and shading not found in any other type.